Bernauer Strasse

Life is not static. Today we experience our living spaces in motion. Our environment has to relate to our body, be physically perceptible. The apartment building is located on the former death strip of the Berlin Wall on Bernauer Strasse. It is connected via large steps that spiral up, creating a fluid and generous space that can be appropriated through the dynamic movement of its residents, adding the 3rd dimension to their living space.
Each apartment consists of one full turn and like on a hillside has an upper and a lower end of which it can be accessed respectively through a private outside space. There is no prescription or prioritization of one activity over another, bathroom and kitchen have the same size than the other steps and are equally part of the open fluid space. Rooms are differentiated only by its location and orientation in space. Privacy is achieved by a more nuanced way than separation by a wall.
On the ground floor, the building welcomes you with an open gesture into a roofed outdoor space which directly leads to the staircase or the garden. The roof terrace is used collectively and its steps offer different of views on Berlin. The clear and strong spatial structure of the interior is visible through the transparent glass façade and creates the external appearance of the residential building together with the square bricks connecting to its surrounding.
This project is currently in LP5 (DD) phase.

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