Archivorum Berlin

The Remise in Berlin-Weissensee is transforming into an art foundation, which aim is to research, analyse and diffuse the functions of archives in visual culture. Through grants, public program and extensive accessibility Archivorum gives back life and creates new artists’ archives; promotes and supports connections, creativity, research, art and culture. A newly excavated basement below the existing two levelled backyard house is creating additional space for the mostly digital archive, the ground and upper floors will house events, exhibitions and work space for art research. With the greatest possible flexibility, the design makes three units which can be used independently of each other. In addition, two small residential units for guests and lecturers are created. The stucco of the facade is developed together with the dutch ceramic artist Babs Haenen and includes recycled fragments from coloured ceramic of older works, as well as intarsia from tests she made throughout her career. The facade becomes an archive itself and serves as a display of the buildings program.
The beautiful courtyard in front of the Remise is the center piece of the plot and will interact closely with the interior of the building. Opening up the facade as much as possible and continuing allow a smooth transition between the interior and exterior space. The demand of the city for a facade in wilhelminian style is answered by adding plants above the openings, which resemble historical pediments, only that they change their shape depending on season and the type of plant.

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