Stop making Sense

During the exhibition program “Stop Making Sense”, various exhibitions were held in BNKR, an exhibition venue in a former Munich bunker run by the developer company Euroboden.
The architectural intervention literally spans a framework through the entire exhibition circle. Ropes connect the concrete architecture across the two floors, tying together the spaces otherwise separated by massive walls and ceilings, forming a new pattern of forms and information that expands the existing exhibition space. The ropes form a flexible hanging system, which can be used to design the individual program during the year. From hanging pictures and photographs to mounting projection screens and room-dividing flexible wall elements, the installation becomes part of the constantly changing state of the BNKR and challenges the typical use of an exhibition space.

curated by Joanna Kamm and Ludwig Engel
pictures by Edward Beierle and Dominik Gigler

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