Edi Hila Retrospective

The first retrospective of the Albanian artist Edi Hila at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, curated by Joanna Mytkowska, Kathrin Rhomberg and Erzen Shkololli, presents Hila's comprehensive work, which deals with the transformation of his home-city Tirana. The exhibition design takes his most famous series, Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard as a starting point and divides the space into various perspectival "boulevards". Large floor-to-ceiling structures fill the high space of the former Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin. The transparent canvas-like walls integrate the observers’ silhouettes on the other side of the walls within the motifs of Hila, a city and its inhabitants undergoing constant transformation.

curated by Joanna Mytkowska, Kathrin Rhomberg und Erzen Shkololli
pictures by Daniel Chrobak

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