HBK Braunschweig

Competition entry Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig

The proposal envisions an almost maximally large, but rather flat volume on the entire plot. As if through a fluid that flows from the center to the green belt bordering the plot, a specific building shape results that creates various meeting spaces towards the street and the campus. This shape favors the construction of a self-corrugating solid outer wall out of rammed earth, which gives the building the character of main building. Systemically separated from the outer shape, the interior is conceived as one single large hall: a steel structure spanned by shed roofs and space-dividing lightweight systems are constructued independently. Thus, this hall is initially just a large, 8 m high space that can be divided in various ways, but can also be converted and reused at any time. The interior and exterior spaces have a vibrant relationship: a functional factory-like hall is surrounded by stage-like meeting places under trees.

*In collaboration with Atelier Zafari and Pascal Flammer Architekten

Expert advice from: Matthias Rammig/Transsolar and Wayne Switzer/Atelier Switzer*

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