Ruth Wolf-Rehfeld nichts neues

The inspiration and starting point for the exhibition design of Nichts Neues by artist Ruth Wolf-Rehfeld is provided by Ruth's own work. The exhibition concept, which was already shown in 2018 at the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana, was taken up and expanded for this exhibition. Her work and cosmos of interests have been interpreted and spatialized in various ways.

On the first floor, signs often used by her, arranged in her typical stringency, serve as three-dimensional supports for her work. The supports of the room are also integrated.

The wallpaper is printed with various slightly enlarged motifs from her series of works Strukturblätter (from the mid-1980s) and are arranged in a progression from signs to people. The cracks allow for a seamless/interlocking transition between motifs and reveal the material of paper.

Upstairs, the artworks are displayed in vitrines of varying geometric size and shape that replicates one of her Cagy Being (Käfigwesen). They are arranged in such a way that the visitor can move freely through the exhibition, not noticing the overall picture created by the shapes until later.

curated by Paola Malavassi and Marie Gerbaulet
images by Ladislav Zajac

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