Never Again

Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st century.

The exhibition Never Again surveys the history of anti-fascist movements from the 1930s and is tackling the issue of what anti-fascism is today. Our architecture is turning the exhibition into an anti-fascist demonstration or protest march, with the artworks being the banners and propaganda messages of such. On opening night and crowded days the visitors become protesters and observers of the march at the same time. If the exhibition is rather empty it resembles the atmosphere of a just finished demonstration gathering. Paintings are presented in different heights, so bigger artworks can be seen from afar. Reprints on fabrics, presented in forms of banners, flags or flyers adding to the atmosphere of the march.

Sebastian Cichoki, Joanna Mytkowska, Lukasz Ronduda, Aleksandra Urbańska
images by Nigdy Wiecej

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