The exhibition Niepodległe seeks to draw attention to the restrictive nature of historical narratives that favour "masculine" attitudes and suppress everything that relates to women – everything "unmanly", that is. This is the starting point of the exhibition design, the intention of the show to draw attention to the fact that only one half of history is visible whereas the other half was eliminated and attempts to rewrite historical narratives. Similar to the book Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer, where he took his favourite book and by cutting out words carved out a new story, the exhibition walls are cut around the artworks. By doing so the artworks and visitors behind become part of the reading, thus new narratives are created. On the other hand it can also just be seen as a quite an efficient way of exhibiting art: only the necessary parts of the walls remain, the rest being cut away.

curated by Magda Lipska
pictures by Franciszek Buchner

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