DJ Richie Hawtin asked for an introvert house where he could live and work, on this special site inside a half courtyard surrounded by five story buildings and a cemetery. The low building uses almost the whole footprint of the site. It acts sensitive and respectful to the surroundings and creates an inner world of its own. Light comes mainly from above except a few windows in the facade. One enters through a small slit, arriving in the middle of one big open space with suspended skylight volumes. Those volumes extend over the roofline to protect from any neighbor’s view. They hover 1.3m above the floor and are closed with glass on the bottom. They lit the monospace in an intimate and magical way and keep the feeling of a connected large space. They host the more private functions as sleeping and the gallery and can be closed with curtains when occupied. The roof is resting only on the outside walls, leaving the floor empty and open.

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