Tirana Patience

A Proposal for the Collection of the National Gallery of Art in Tirana
The Collection of the National Gallery of Art in Tirana comprises among others a big body of social realist art , which was displayed in the Gallery the same way for many years. The proposal aims at defamiliarizing the visitors´ experience of the gallery by radically challenging the existing syntax of display at the National Gallery of Art in order to open it up to new interpretations. All the artworks remain in place but are obliterated with a uniform architectural system eliminating the possibility of viewing the works clearly but not their matreial presence. A series of interventions by Albanian artists over time will react on and uncover selected pieces. When the semitransparent cover is removed, the cross shaped holders remain as a trace and connection to the other works.

curated by Natasa Illic and Adam Szymczyk
pictures by Majilinda Hoxha

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